Another huge thank you to the guys at Rugby Polo Club for taking time to have a discussion about what they think about the work I have done and where they would like to see.

This proved to be a vital part of the design process to ensure a user centred design. Key insights arose when reviewing my design proposals. On the whole the group were impressed with the new aesthetic, crash sensor and key performance features to protect the head. However concerns about built in eye protection, costs and replacement parts need to be refined.

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The inbuilt crash sensor, needs to be made clear about how it works. The group believed it would be best to show of the sensor on the helmet rather than hide it away. They think other users would want to show off the fact they have extra protection and have paid a premium for this device.

The built in eye protection initially seemed to be a good idea. But after discussing the details of use and performance it was highlighted that it might be best to accommodate goggles to reduce pressure and pinching on the head. Current Oakleys goggles are arguably the best sporting eye protection, therefore is the new design going to be better? therefore to create the best performance helmet it would wise to make it integrate and fit goggles rather than have them built in.

Further concepts were generated (Phil’s Idea!) about embedding an electronic mesh within the carbon fibre to alert the user when the shell is cracked. This would then feed into a system to check and regulate the helmet annually at clubs to conform the new HPA regulations (If they come out!)

Again thank you guys! Will be in touch soon with further development to show you!