A massive thank you to Philip Baker and his team for letting me pop along to evening Friday night chukkas at Rugby Polo Club (RPC) to undertake a polo helmet evaluation. It was great to get such detailed feedback on all the helmets. Again Thank you for everyone who took part!

The evaluation was purely based on users perception of the helmets. Topic areas included desirability, comfort, price, weight, branding, appearance and safety features. The results are as follows:

1st  ARMIS™

2nd  Casablanca C6

3rd=  Traditional Unbranded Polo helmet

3rd=  Charles Owen Palermo (*THE SAFEST HELMET CERTIFIED TO PAS 015*)

It is very interesting to see the Palermo helmet score so low when it is the safest helmet there! Just goes to show branding makes a huge difference! Please see the link below to the questionnaire that the players were asked to fill in.

Comparative Evaluation
Evaluation-0220Evaluation-0178  Evaluation-0217