Size Guide

We strongly advise to be professionally fitted by an approved Armis retailer and to try on an Armis helmet in store before purchasing online. Please contact your retailer who will deal with you directly.

There are 2 main sizes with a range of removable headbands that adjusts the helmet size to fit to your head. The Armis helmet is available in the following sizes:

Medium: Large:
56cm (6⅞) 60cm (7⅜)
57cm (7) 61cm (7½)
58cm (7⅛) 62cm (7⅝)
59cm (7¼)

Measuring your Head

1. Use a thin measuring tape

2. Have someone else measure your head for better accuracy

3. Measure all the way around your head as shown

4. Place the measuring tape 1″ or 25mm above eyebrows just above your ears

5. Measure over your hair as your head will fit in the helmet

6. Take several measurements and use the largest reading