Jimbo Fewster Gold Cup Winner & Most Valuable Player

Last month saw a young player called Jimbo Fewster coming crashing into high goal polo with his matte red Armis Polo Helmet. Jimbo who is based out of Kirtlington polo club made heads turn this year in the gold cup, playing with King Power Foxes who stormed to victory over El Remanso polo team in the final. Awarded most valuable player of the tournament, he is certainly a player to watch and we are sure that we haven’t heard the last of Jimbo Fewster’s.

After his win we were lucky enough to catch up with Jimbo:

Where did you learn to play?

My dad taught me at are yard in kirtlington

Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

I’m not sure I try to watch all good players and pick up things from them

How did you manage to find yourself playing for King Power Foxes?

I was very lucky, they gave me a call in may to play practices and then the said one day you are playing tomorrow.

What Did you learn from playing in the high goal?

I learned so much every part of my game improved.

What is it like playing with two legendary players like Facundo & Gonza Pieres?

Awesome. They are great players and thought me a lot.

How did you feel when you realised you had won the gold cup?

I knew we had won about half way though the last chukka. And was just trying to think keep going for it until the last whistle.

How do you feel about being awarded the gold cup MVP?

Very happy I went into the game thinking just play the best I can. And I did and we won so it was great.

What would be your advice to other young aspiring polo players?

My advice would be. Always give 100% in games whatever level. As you never know who might be watching.

So there you have it, from the man who stunned the high goal this year with his performances throughout the season. Keep up to date with Jimbo’s progress on Instagram too see what he has been up to.  Why not keep us informed with you and your journey with Armis Polo using the #armispolo.