We are proud to announce that England Star James Harper will be an official Armis Ambassador for 2018. Harps saw great success last season playing for the Armis Snakebite Polo Team winning the Victor Ludorum as well as reaching the Finals of the Queens Cup with El Remanso. We have been following James’ success all last season while he has been wearing the new Armis Helmet. After the UK season we were lucky enough to catch up with him to ask a few questions:


1. How has the Armis Helmet been like to play in?

The Armis helmet has been great to play in, I have used it since it has been launched. To start with it feels like it sits a slighter higher on your head compared to a traditional Argentine Helmet. But that’s just because it has the extra protection inside unlike the older helmets. It’s lighter than all the others. You don’t get as hot in them. It dries a lot quicker. You have the option of having a second inner layer so it always feels like a clean new helmet. Much easier to keep clean on the outside too. I’ve got use to them quickly and now it feels strange to wear the other helmets.



2. What top tournaments you have used the Armis Helmet in?

I’ve played all the Australian tournaments in my Armis helmet. Along with the Queens, Gold, Warwickshire, Trippets, Coronation Cup. All the medium and low goal tournaments including the royal Windsor, Holden white to name a few.


3. What is your favourite features about the Armis helmet?

My favourite feature must be knowing that I’m doing everything possible to be that bit more protected when playing in the Armis helmet. I like how easy it is to keep them clean, inside and out. My helmet style is quite conservative, but it is great how you can put anything you want on the helmet! Any design is possible with Armis.


Armis Polo Helmet Headband & Helmet


4. Why it is important to wear a kitemarked Armis helmet?

Polo is getting faster and more dangerous every year. You hear about horrific accidents where people go into comas and sometimes never wake up. Why would you not wear an Armis Helmet? It could save your life. It’s one of the only ones that passes the British Standard with a Kitemark, so for me it’s a no brainer. People worry too much about how some helmets look as they might be slightly different. That’s a crazy excuse not to wear one. Soon they will be the norm anyway as everyone in the UK scene seems to be trying them out.



5. Why you would recommend the Armis Helmet to other polo professionals or amateur players?

Like I said before. Be as safe as possible and these helmets I believe Armis is the best and the safest helmet you can get on the market being the only one fitted with MIPS technology. Most people wear Oakley Goggles as they are the safest, so Armis is the first-choice helmet to use.


6. Any extra points you might like to add?

It’s time for a change in polo. It’s time to improve the safety aspect of our equipment. Armis is at the forefront of that. I’m fired up to be involved and to get the younger generation more aware how important a safer helmet is.