Is this the gap in the market for my helmet? Someone needs to kick it into the 21st century!

Currently helmets worn by professionals are preferred because of their lightness, traditional style and comfort. However they lack ventilation, adequate safety straps and importantly the materials used are not fit for purpose. An alternative helmet available, whilst meeting the British Standards for equestrian safety, is unpopular because of its poor functionality, lack of comfort and negative style image. It is associated with being the “beginners” helmet. There is no compulsory regulation and no incentive to wear this type of helmet.

This is becoming an increasingly significant problem as the sport becomes more popular meaning more people at risk. As the sport becomes more recognised there are higher expectations placed on the players to perform; this puts them at a greater risk and in greater need for good, functional safety apparel. There is currently no official polo regulation to enforce a particular style of helmet, however after high-profile deaths, this is changing. Therefore there is need to fill the gap in the market for a high performance helmet that is styled for the user’s needs.