Armis revolutionise polo safety equipment, Robin Spicer, Designer and Founder at Armis Polo tells the Polo Times about the Armis Polo helmet and the wider issues of hat safety



It’s time for a change in polo. It’s time to improve the safety aspect of our equipment and Armis is at the forefront of this. Polo helmets have been a topic of debate for many years and Armis has been the first brand to make the step to be signed up to both the BSI Kitemark Scheme as well as fitting MIPS Technology inside. This means the helmet conforms to the British Standard PAS 015 and is subject to routine testing of the helmet and quality controls. This ensures every helmet is made to the same high quality as the first one and every helmet is being produced in the same way.

The Armis Polo helmet has MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) inside that mimics the brain’s own protection system by adding a low friction layer between the head and the helmet. MIPS is based on reality, as when you fall, your head more often hits the ground at an angle, creating a rotational violence that leads to strain in the brain. With the MIPS inside, the helmet can absorb more of that rotational violence, adding better protection than helmets without MIPS.

Certification Marks, Technology and Regulations the Armis Helmet meets (Photo Credit: Armis, MIPS and HPA)

Modern technology has enabled Armis to produce helmets that are very strong, lightweight and comfortable to wear. The bit of the helmet that does the work of protecting your head is the protective liner, made of high grade polystyrene (like “microscopic bubble wrap”) that is protected by a hard carbon-composite shell.


The Armis Shadow Black with a Matte Finish (Photo Credit: Armis)


On impact, when you fall and land, the helmet does 3 things. Firstly, the shell diffuses the impact over a large area. Then the liner reduces bruising to the brain by increasing the length of time it takes for the shock to meet your head and you to stop. The bigger the impact the more layers of “bubbles” will burst so it is the helmet liner that collapses, not your head. In the meantime, the MIPS system engages and rotates inside the helmet to absorb the rotational energy transferred to the brain. It is for this reason that if the helmet suffers a severe impact, it should be thrown away and a new one purchased. It is easy to replace a helmet, but impossible to replace a head!


The Armis helmet has caught the eyes of top professionals including James Beim, England Captain and James Harper, England 6 Goaler:


James Beim England Captain (Photo Credit: The Art of Polo)


“I have a lot more responsibilities now and a family to look after, so I need to know my head is as safe as it can possibly be whilst playing a highly dangerous sport. It’s common sense to wear the safest helmet on the market, which in  my opinion Armis certainly is.  It has a classic polo look and is very light weight. I particularly enjoy the changeable inner lining, I change mine every 2 chukkas to stay fresh.  I have also recently had two big falls playing, landing on my head each time. I was wearing the Armis helmet and suffered no effects from the falls. I strongly recommend an Armis helmet, and I’m happy to support a British brand.”


James Harper, England 6 Goaler (Photo Credit: The Art of Polo)

“Polo is getting faster and more dangerous every year. You hear about horrific accidents where people go into comas and sometimes never wake up. Why would you not wear an Armis Helmet? It could save your life. I’m fired up to be involved and to get the younger generation more aware how important a safer helmet is.”


Armis will continue to endeavour to keep developing and growing as a brand to support this new helmet movement and encourage the polo community to think with their heads.

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