An unbranded traditional Argentine “lock” helmet was kindly donated for thorough evaluation! The shell proved to be a very strong fibreglass, taking a bit of effort on the band-saw. It seem to be thicker than most others I have cut up so far. Like most other helmets the peak was built onto the fibreglass shell, however the pink material seemed to be far more flexible than any other traditional helmet (maybe it has softened over time?). The cloth has been stitched on and glued to the shell, and the rivets were very cheap and have corroded over the years from use.

Polo Helmet-8877Polo Helmet-8881 Polo Helmet-8884Polo Helmet-8891

Onto the most important part about the helmet – the liner! Well there isn’t one! Foam padding has been used to give comfort and covered in mesh. The fabric padding has then been stitched into place over the thin layers of adjustment foam. This helmet has been designed to stop penetrations – fibreglass is one of the best lightweight-strength ratio materials there is for a decent price, otherwise you are paying a fortune for carbon-fibre and Kevlar composites. By not having a liner to absorb energy, this is directly transferred into your brain resulting in serious injuries depending on the user.

Polo Helmet-8886Polo Helmet-8887Polo Helmet-8903Polo Helmet-8899

Please have a good look of the photos and think twice about it when you next put it on your head! It is understandable that this is a good looking helmet compared to other “mushroom” styled safety helmets, but something needs to be done to create an aesthetically pleasing helmet that meets the PAS015 standards. Aesthetics and brands will always sell over function, look at some of your current products around you now, we have all brought into consumerism! There are helmets out there that do meet the standards, but it up to the players to make the decision to wear them. At the end of the day polo is a risky sport, attracting individuals to push themselves and their equine friends to the high adrenaline limits – there is no fun if there is no risk, however it can be done safely and the HPA and manufacturers need to address this issue.

Polo Helmet-8906Polo Helmet-8911

Polo Helmet-8918