Casio Edifice sponsors Discovery – Next Gen Engineers ‘Armis Polo Helmet’. Video Credit: Discovery Corporate Services Ltd / Marcus Jones

Armis Polo has recently been asked to make an apperance on National Television and online by the Discovery channel. The Discovery Channel want to find out more about how Armis Polo is revolutionising the way polo players protect themselves against high impact head injuries during a game of polo. Armis Polo helmets are built to protect your head during a fall using a revolutionary combination of materials.

Modern technology has enabled Armis to produce helmets that are strong, lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. The main part of the helmet that protects your head, is the protective liner made of high grade polystyrene, EPS (like microscopic bubble wrap that acts in the same way as the crumple zone on a car) which is in turn protected by a hard (carbon fibre) shell. On impact, i.e. when you fall and land, the helmet does 3 things:

Firstly the shell diffuses the impact over a large area. Then the liner reduces bruising to the brain by increasing the length of time it takes for the shock to meet your head and for you to stop. The bigger the impact the more layers of bubbles will burst so it is basically the hat liner that collapses, not your head. It is for this reason that if the hat suffers a severe impact – even dropping onto a hard surface, it should be thrown away and a new one purchased. It is easy to replace a hat, but impossible to replace your head! In the meantime the MIPS system engages. MIPS is a patented brain protection system developed to reduce rotational violence causing strain in the brain at angled impacts. MIPS mimics the brain’s own protection system by adding a low friction layer between the head and the helmet. A helmet with MIPS can absorb more energy from an angled impact. Conventional helmets are tested by dropping them vertically onto a flat surface. MIPS is designed and tested for reality, reflecting how most accidents occur, with angled impacts to the head. MIPS raises the bar for helmet safety.

Robin Spicer, The lead designer and founder of Armis Polo can be seen discussing the importance of these protection systems in his helmet and why he believes a change is required in Polo, to help reduce the number of major head injuries that occur within the sport. Armis Sport was formally founded in 2015 by Robin Spicer at Loughborough University in England.  Robin Spicer’s love of polo began at the early age of six, originally from Northamptonshire, he was given the opportunity to travel the world with the sport to represent his country. Robin has fallen off numerous times while playing polo, been knocked unconscious 3 times, with the most recent incident lasting over 20 minutes. This sparked the desire to support the polo community with a better performing helmet that provided greater protection for players, not one that simply conformed to a British Standard. This experience of falling off, being knocked unconscious, then playing polo again a couple of days later is not uncommon in the polo world. Concussion can have serious consequences and until recently the sports world has not given the credence it deserves. The Armis helmet seeks to address this, a superior product offering far better protection.

You can now design your Armis helmet that you’ve always dreamed, the limit is your imagination. Design your helmet with your own designs, to have your unique and special helmet. From your tablet or any computer from a retailer’s website. Click here to find your closest retialer.