The latest avant-garde polo helmet designed so the carbon fibre shell can be fully customisable for a really unique design. The shell can be sprayed any colour with logos placed anywhere. The peak can be covered in any material in any colour to suit the user’s tastes.

How the ARMIS™ Blackbox sensor works:

When the polo player is training on their own it pairs with a smartphone on the body (I.C.E Mode), during a game the sensor connects to the first responder’s (Coach, Parent, Umpire etc…) app via long range Bluetooth (Match Mode).

The system is able to detect motion and impacts. When the sensor is triggered above a critical threshold an alert is initiated. The app will then notify your emergency contact and either suggests to seek medical attention (Match Mode) or send GPS coordinates of the incident is the player is on their own (I.C.E Mode). This allows for follow up actions to be taken and polo player to be encouraged to seek proper medical attention.

Helmet Brands2

What is MIPS?

MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is a low-friction layer that moves inside the helmet mimicking the brain’s own protection system. This reduces the amount of rotational acceleration to the head.

Helmet Brands3

Helmet Brands4

*I bare no rights to the logos used on the back of the helmets – concepts only*