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Armis Helmet was meticulously designed from scratch to offer you the maximum safety and comfort while playing polo.

While most brands simply took the "colonial style" helmet and used different raw materials. Our engineers went back to the drawing board and designed the best helmet possible using the latest technology and the highest quality materials.

All Armis helmets are hand made in the United Kingdom.

The Only Polo Helmet On the Market With MIPS

MIPS (Multi-Impact Protection System) is a patented technology that adds a low friction layer between the head and the helmet developed to add protection by reducing the rotational violence to the brain on angled impacts.

Click here to see how MIPS test helmets.

Simply put — MIPS offers you additional protection by absorbing more energy during some of the most common falls in polo.

Certified to British Standards

Did you know?

64% of polo injuries are classed as major.*

Polo is high-risk, high-image and high-profile sport with an acceptance of high injury rates.

Polo helmets have traditionally been low on style, low on comfort, and low on protective padding. The Armis helmet revolutionised the sport and kicked polo into the 21st Century with a combination of style and performance.

It meets stringent certification standards and is proud to be British designed and British made.

To find out about safety standards, click here to learn more.

The Armis Edge Helmet

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Uses EPS Foam Liner Absorbs energy being transferred to the brain
Double Shell 2 shells – Carbon Fibre & Fibreglass to reduce penetrations
Removeable Padding Completely machine washable headband
Lightweight Total mass of 775g (Medium +/-50g)
100% British Design Registered Design No. 5000394
4 Point Harness Harness is made from approved webbing
Classic Dimensions 265mm X 320mm X 165mm (Medium +/- 5mm)
Flexible Peak Designed to reduce neck injuries
Fitted With MIPS Technology Reducing the rotational violence to the brain